Are you having issues constantly being bounced back and forth between your doctor and pharmacist? Say no more, because Executive Pharmacy has the end of your problem. Not only are we the best online pharmacy in all of Broward County, FL, but Executive Pharmacy also provides Telepharmacy. But what does this mean exactly? Keep reading to find out as we explain its meaning and the many benefits provided by it as well as all the other great medical services we can provide you.


Telepharmacy and Its Benefits

Telepharmacy is whenever a pharmacy is able to interact with other pharmacists, doctors or patients through a centralized database without them having to be there in person. This can be done through audio or video or even just written text sent electronically. Medical records can be accessed by all parties and direct and immediate contact is now possible. Using this method, patients can have new prescriptions sent directly to their pharmacists, and can potentially even cut out a doctor’s trip all together. This also makes switching pharmacies or just visiting a different pharmacy much easier, as all your information is readily accessible. Collaboration is much easier now and instead of only having the opinions of just one medical professional you now have access to a whole team of them. Lastly, emergencies are now easier to handle in cases where you lose your medicine or believe you have incorrectly taken them.    


The Best Online Pharmacy 

On top of Executive Pharmacy’s use of telecommunications to streamline the pharmacy process, we also provide assistance with pain management, scar treatment, dermatology, cosmeceuticals, hormone replacement and so much more. We also offer Transdermal Medications of which employ NSAIDs, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, muscle relaxants

and channel blockers. Being an online pharmacy also means you don’t even have to physically enter one of our brick and mortar pharmacies and can have your prescription delivered right to your house. Finally, Executive Pharmacy also works with compounding. Pharmaceutical compounding is the act of creating custom medicine. This is done by mixing different ingredients and drugs to get the perfect dose and power you need. Of course a prescription is still required, but each compounding is custom done for each patient, guaranteeing you a personalized treatment especially made to meet your needs.


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Executive Pharmacy is a Telemedicine Supply Specialist in Miami, FL. With over forty five years of experience we are experts in our field and have served thousands of patients. Our strong relationships with our patients and their doctors have made us the best online pharmacy in Broward County, FL. Your health and wellbeing is extremely important to us which is why we meet all the nationally-accepted standards as regulated by the Florida Board of Pharmacy, FDA, OSHA, and USP. The road to recovery is only a visit or call away, so contact Executive Pharmacy today and get back to living your life the way you want. Book a consultation and let our expert team of pharmacists help you figure out the best treatments possible.