Are You Dealing With Rectal Pain?

Each patient’s colorectal health problems are unique, and our flexible treatment plans address many different conditions, especially rectal pain. Our pharmacists understand these conditions are both painful and personal. With cutting-edge solutions, like topical Nifedipine and Lidocaine creams, we help provide fast pain relief and promote complete healing.

Topical formulations can be a great option for treating colorectal issues. Combining multiple medications provides potentially significant flexibility for the physician and relief for the patient. Here are some benefits of treating topically:


High quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Ideal absorption

Flexible dosing and ease of administration

Colorectal Areas

Our transdermal creams can be used to treat many symptoms of rectal pain. Below you will find some of the areas of treatment Executive Pharmacy creams can treat. Contact us if you need treatment for any of  these symptoms.

Anal Fissure



Thrombosed – External Hemorrhoids

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