Picking a pharmacy is an important choice that can affect the quality of the medicine you need and the time it takes to get it. One aspect you should be looking for in your pharmacies is whether they provide compounding. Many people are not familiar with compounding because most pharmacies don’t offer it. Executive Pharmacy is the best compounding pharmacy near me, and you won’t find better compound medication anywhere in Broward County. Below, we’ll explain the benefits of compounding and why you should only get your medicine from us in the future.



  • Access to Medicines No Longer Available 
    • Some medicines are discontinued and are no longer sold on the open market. This isn’t always because the medicine doesn’t work or that it’s dangerous, sometimes companies just aren’t selling enough of it for it to be profitable to sell. In these cases, many people are deprived of medicine that was greatly helping them. With compounding, we can recreate the ingredients needed to make that medicine so you can go back on it.
  • Easier to Use Medicine
    • Not everyone is able to swallow pills, and sometimes, children will refuse to take a medicine that tastes bad. With compounding, we can change the way you take the medicine, like changing it from a solid to a liquid or vice versa. We can also add flavoring so it’s more tolerable to children. 
  • A Work Around Allergies
    • While certain on the market medicines might be exactly what you need, these medicines may contain ingredients that you are highly allergic to. Fortunately, most of the time we can substitute these specific ingredients with another that serves virtually the same purpose while keeping the other ingredients the same so you can get the medicine you need without suffering an allergy attack. 
  • Unique Medicine Made Specifically For You
    • General medicines are designed to aid as many people as possible, but by doing so, they aren’t as effective. Compounded medicine is designed specifically for you. This medicine isn’t designed to treat a general pain or disease; it’s designed to help the specific symptoms and unique structure of your body. Not every drug works the same on every person, and by studying and working from scratch with your biology in mind, we can create a drug that is exactly what you need and is only prescribed to you. 
  • Change The Dosage
    • Oftentimes, patients require different dosages, but pills typically only come in a few different dosage options. This means you’ll likely have to end up cutting your pills to get exactly the dosage you want, but this can be messy, time-consuming, and imprecise. Compound medicine can be made at a specific dosage that is unique to you so that one pill is all that you need.


Get Your Compound Medication From Executive Pharmacy 

Now that you know the benefits of compounding, why choose us? Our pharmacy has over fifty-three years of experience. We offer only the best, customized medicine that can’t be matched or found anywhere else. We supply our products all over the world and specialize in international shipping. Our customer service is some of the best, and we prioritize efficiency so you can get your medication as quickly as possible. We employ telemedicine, so you don’t even need to leave your house to talk to us and your doctor. Together we can come up with solutions for unique medical conditions and help you start on a road to a healthier life. 


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If you need compound medication, stop searching for a “compounding pharmacy near me” and give us a call today. Located in Broward County, Executive Pharmacy can get you unique medicine you can’t get anywhere else that can be delivered to your home.