Hair Loss

Compound Medication For Hair Loss

For many people, hair loss is one of the most dreaded symptoms of aging. But sometimes hair loss has nothing to do with aging at all, and causes embarrassment or a negative self-image at a younger age. Hair loss can be caused by many things.

Some of the most common sources:

  • thyroid problems 
  • medications
  • emotional stress or trauma
  • alopecia
  • hereditary diseases

Luckily, there are plenty of different treatments for hair loss, but those can have a wide range of results, from preventing further balding to actually grow your hair back (depending on your particular ailment). A common solution is medication for hair loss. Here at Executive Pharmacy, we help you with our unique medication for hair loss that will treat your needs and help you regain the confidence you’ve been missing. We’ve found that compounded medicine is often the best way to go, as it only uses the most effective ingredients. Our pharmacy has treated plenty of Miami-Dade County citizens for their hair loss, and we can treat yours too.

Fixing the Problem

Most people with hair loss issues are eager to reduce or cover up their hair loss as soon as possible, and so they have a couple of options to choose from. Unfortunately, they are not all equally effective or practical.

Naturally, many people start off with non-medical solutions or simple lifestyle changes. This may mean trying out different hairstyles or products, or even using scarves or wigs to simply cover up the hair loss. Ultimately, however, none of these fixes will permanently resolve the issue and balding will likely continue.

Other people opt for what some might call more drastic measures, such as hair transplant surgery or laser therapy. These solutions can be expensive and do not always have proven results (and again, will eventually still give way to continued balding).

However, our formula has shown more than promising results in clinical trials, which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (available upon request). This formula was applied to a variety of subjects that had differing ailments, but positive effects from the medication were shown across the board.

This is why Executive Pharmacy believes in our compounded hair loss medication formula, as it is arguably the most effective and practical solution.

How Our Medication for Hair Loss Can Help

Hair loss and its causes are often very different from person to person, yet our standard compounded formula has proven results regardless of the cause. Some of our most common active ingredients include Minoxidil, Finasteride, Biotin, Zinc Sulphate, and so much more. These ingredients have been thoroughly tested and proven to reduce, prevent, and even sometimes reverse hair loss. That’s why many Miami-Dade County citizens have come to rely on our compounded medication for hair loss. Are you ready to get started on treatment? Rebuild your confidence and take matters into your own hands. Call Executive Pharmacy today and we’ll find the medication that’s right for you.

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