If your doctor has mentioned medical compounding to you, chances are you need a customized medication or a personalized treatment for your condition. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and it will provide you with the medication you need to get better when others aren’t working properly. If your condition requires pharmaceutical compounding, you can trust Executive Pharmacy to be your trusted provider today. We help a variety of patients throughout Dade County get the medication they need. 


What Is Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is becoming more essential to modern-day medicine as more people are in need of a custom solution to their health concerns. It is known as the art of preparing personalized medications for patients that need more than what other standard medications provide. 


When it comes to pharmaceutical compounding, there are three people involved—the physician, the pharmacist, and the patient. The patient will visit the physician and they will determine the cause and solution of the health concern. A prescription will be made, which is sent to the pharmacist. 


The pharmacist plays an important role because they’re the ones that are facilitating the compounding to create the medication. The patient will visit the pharmacist and receive the medication, as well as instructions for use. 


Having a compounding pharmacy Miami locals know and trust is also important to the physician’s business. It gives them an opportunity to provide specialized care that can help them leave their patients more satisfied than was possible before.


Pharmaceutical compounding is used for a lot of reasons, but it can typically be boiled down to three main reasons—trying to avoid side effects from other medications, enhancing the taste of medications, or enhancing the delivery of medications. Compounding can help anyone get the most out of their medication, especially when you put your trust in the best compounding pharmacy Miami has to offer.


The History Behind Medical Compounding 

Believe it or not, compounding has been a method in the medical community for as long as we can remember. Research shows that nearly 60% of all medications back in the 1930s and 1940s were compounded. 


Unfortunately, that number gradually declined over the years. By the mid-century point, manufacturers rose to prominence and began to drive compounding out of the medical scene. 


That started to change by 1990 when compounding started to make a comeback. Still, compounding only makes up about 1% of all medications today as manufacturing remains prominent. 


The good news is that compounding has become extremely effective and advanced with modern-day technology. Not only can compounding pharmacists change the strength of the medication, but they can add flavor to it, change it into the form of a lollipop, make it into a topical, or even the size of the capsule. 


You Need a Compounding Pharmacy Miami Locals Love!

As pharmaceutical compounding continues to play a major role in modern-day medicine, more people are starting to learn the benefits of what it provides. It’s very common for normal prescriptions to fall short of expectations or cause more harm in the patient’s life than good. 


Medical compounding provides them with a custom solution that could help avoid or limit the negative stigma that most medication comes with. If your doctor has recently talked to you about adding a custom prescription to your routine, you’re not alone. Executive Pharmacy is helping patients throughout Miami Dade and Broward County on a daily basis, and we’d be happy to help you, too! Contact us today for more information and one of our professionals will assist you.