Sometimes when people are sick, they don’t go to the doctor. For many reasons, people try to use over the counter medications to soothe their pain and symptoms when they are feeling ill, or they injure themselves. Pharmacists give out advice every day, possibly even to more patients than doctors! However, getting advice from your neighborhood pharmacist isn’t always possible when you need it most. Not being able to talk to a pharmacist can be frustrating for parents making late-night medication runs to the grocery or drug store. An online pharmacy that offers telemedicine services can change the way people are receiving healthcare at home in Miami-Dade County, Fl. This advancement is making it easier and convenient to get a professional opinion when you need it most.

Online Pharmacy

Having access to an online pharmacy where patients can ask questions and get feedback is vital to healthcare. Getting an informed opinion on symptoms and the medications that are safe and right for patients to take should be a priority healthcare concern for people in all communities, but especially in low-income areas where people are less likely to visit a doctor due to worry and stress over cost, or the ability to take off work to go to the doctor.

The downside of pharmacies online is that they are not able to prescribe medication. A physical evaluation may be required before online doctors and nurse practitioners can prescribe any medication. An existing relationship between the doctor and patient is also sometimes needed. However, once a prescription is ready, the pharmacy online can fill and ship your prescription to you!

Telemedicine Services

Taking healthcare online is revolutionizing wellness and drastically reducing the number of people going to the ER or urgent care centers because they can talk to a doctor online through Skype or other video platforms or even via phone. Telemedicine is often offered through primary care offices and after-hours nurse staffing agencies or contracted telemedicine providers.

Insurance providers and government-funded healthcare often cover telemedicine services. Sometimes patients may have to pay upfront for their online appointment and wait for reimbursement from the government or insurance; however, only nine states currently offer full reimbursement for online healthcare services, and some have stringent prescription laws for an online pharmacy to abide by.

Online healthcare is especially vital for people that live in rural communities where specialty services are not always available. Instead of driving an hour or more to the closest emergency room in the middle of the night when their child has a fever, a rural patient can access telemedicine and be able to see a doctor and get a diagnosis from the comfort of their home. If the doctor deems the situation to be an emergency, they may direct the patient to their nearest hospital or instruct the patient to call for ambulance transportation.

Miami-Dade County, FL has plenty of healthcare options to ensure that citizens get the care they need when they need it; however online access to doctors and nurses is essential for healthy communities in cities and rural communities.

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