There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to compounding pharmacies. In fact, a lot of people might not even know what a compound pharmacy is. To understand that, you need to know what drug compounding is first. Drug compounding is when you mix or combine different prescription medications to create a new one. A compounding pharmacy, therefore, is a pharmacy that is licensed to practice drug compounding in a controlled space. Now that you understand what a compounding pharmacy does, we can now get into the misconceptions that come with them. So sit back and let Executive Pharmacy, the best compounding pharmacy Miami has to offer, debunk these rumors and misconceptions. With state-of-the-art compounding and the ability to order online prescription drugs from us, we’re the best pharmacy in all of Broward County and Miami-Dade County.   


Misconceptions Debunked by the Best Compounding Pharmacy Miami has to Offer 

  • Compound Drugs Aren’t Regulated by the FDA
    • This is false. While the FDA doesn’t directly oversee all compounding operations, they do oversee the Pharmacy State Boards, who in turn oversee all pharmacy operations. The FDA does have the authority to step in if need be as well. 
  • You Might Not Know What’s in Your Compound Drug
    • Mislabeling or misrepresenting any ingredients or medicine in a compound drug is strictly forbidden by the FDA. You must have an authentic prescription in order to get them and your pharmacists have to be upfront with what they’re giving you as an alternative. 
  • Your Doctor has Little to No Involvement
    • Pharmacists typically work very closely with doctors when deciding on what medicines and ingredients to use. It is very rarely done without any consultation by a doctor. 
  • Compound Medicine is a Type of Alternative Medicine
    • Alternative Medicine often has no chemical components and is typically not the primary kind of treatment plan in Western societies,which is not the case with compounding. Compounding is putting together or separating multiple Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to relieve multiple symptoms or prevent allergic reactions.


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Unlike other pharmacies, we make it easy and painless to get your prescription drugs online. On top of our super efficiency in making sure you get your medicine in a timely manner, we work to get you the most affordable options on the market. With our ability to create compound drugs, we can make you customized medicine you can’t get anywhere else and will be made specifically for you and you only. 


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Going hand in hand with our impressive online service, Executive Pharmacy is also the top Telemedicine supply specialist servicing patients in Broward County and Miami-Dade county. We believe that you should be able to be in contact with your doctor and pharmacist even if you can’t be physically present. With over 45 years of experience, there isn’t a better compounding pharmacy Miami has to offer you when it comes to getting online prescription drugs. Schedule a consultation today to talk to a pharmacist so we, along with your doctor, can come up with a treatment plan that best fits your needs.