Despite mass hysteria surrounding coronavirus spreading, panic is not the answer. Instead, take some time to research ways to keep yourself and others healthy during this time. We at Executive Pharmacy want to encourage everyone to approach this virus situation not with fear, but knowledge and preparation. With us, you can order medicine online should you feel sick in any way. We are the compounding pharmacy Miami residents and others throughout Broward county trust.


Safety Tips for the Coronavirus

First and foremost, what you need to know is how the virus is transmitted. There are rumors that have circulated about how one can catch the virus, but the real answer is through droplets of moisture that are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. You can also contract the virus if you touch or shake hands with someone who’s been infected if droplets are on their skin (which is very likely), or if you touch a surface that has droplets left by someone with the virus. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself healthy:

  • Avoid those who are sick
  • Try not to touch your face with unwashed hands
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.

You are most at risk of having the virus if you or someone you’ve been in close contact with have been to Wuhan, China. The risk of death is highest in individuals over 80 or those who have preexisting medical conditions. If you fall under these conditions and are experiencing symptoms, you should consider an emergency room visit. For younger people and those without preexisting medical conditions, the risk of death is very minimal, and you may be ordered to stay home to avoid spreading the virus. For mild symptoms like coughing and fever, over-the-counter medication can keep those under control.


If You’re Sick, You Can Order Medicine Online

To avoid the potential risk of exposing yourself or others to the virus, you can consider ordering the medicine you need online through us at Executive Pharmacy. We can provide you with standard medication or a compounded one, we supply all pharmaceutical needs patients may have. We are a compounding pharmacy, which essentially means that our medicine is made through individual ingredients and to-order. This allows us to customize the medicine we make for each patient’s specific needs. This is our specialty, which has made us the compounding pharmacy Miami residents go to when they need medicine delivered to their doors.


For a Compounding Pharmacy Miami Residents Trust, Contact Us

If you’re looking to order medicine online that’s compounded to your exact needs, then we at Executive Pharmacy of Broward County would be happy to provide you with the treatments you need. You can contact us via our website to get more information about compounding or begin an order today. Remember that if your symptoms worsen over time, it’s very important for you to go to the emergency room. It’s a good idea to call ahead as you leave so they can prepare for you and avoid the risk of spreading the virus. Whether you’re staying healthy or treating your symptoms, don’t face the virus with panic, but with the confidence that you have the knowledge to handle it effectively.