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What Is Compounding and Why Do It?

Compounding is when a pharmacist creates a new drug when the commercially available one isn’t a viable option for that patient. Several reasons as to why this may be the case include the following.

  • To Customize The Dosage
    • Most drugs only come in so many dosages and you may have trouble finding the right amount that’s perfect for you. While cutting pills or taking additional pills are an option it’s often a hassle and you run the risk of not always getting the correct amount if you aren’t careful and consistent. 
  • To Add Flavor
    • This is mostly only done for children and animals, but sometimes it’s necessary as children and animals may spit out or refuse to eat medicine that tastes bad. They don’t understand that they need it and sneaking it into other food doesn’t always work.
  • To Remove Ingredients 
    • Not every ingredient present in every drug is necessary and as such some may cause allergic reactions for things such as gluten, lactose or special dyes. Similar ingredients that serve the same purpose may be subbed out to make the drug nearly identical and provide the same healing results.
  • To Change The Dosage Form
    • This could be anything from changing the medicine from pills to a liquid or to a rectal distribution. Sometimes, people have a hard time swallowing or they’re unable to keep the medicine down because they’re throwing up too much when this happens other forms are needed.
  • The Commercial Drug Isn’t Available
    • Sometimes pharmacies run out of stock of certain medicines or discontinue or stop carrying the drug altogether. In these cases, it’s sometimes quicker and easier to compound a new drug than to wait for a new delivery or travel to a different pharmacy. 

Compounding at Pharmaceutical Companies VS Drug Manufacturing

So what’s the difference between a drug that’s compounded as opposed to manufactured? Well, the main difference is that drugs that are manufactured are mass-produced and meant to be used by everyone who is prescribed them. Compounded drugs, on the other hand, are made specifically for the use of only one person, the person it is made for. That said, all Pharmacists are licensed to compound and while most don’t do it very often, the ones that will offer it, tend to mostly only work on compounding. Each state board regulates compounding and there are laws to ensure the safety of these drugs that are made.


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