The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of people all over the globe. Currently, governments and medical professionals are continuing to advise the general public to maintain social distancing as much as possible to slow down the spread of the disease and save lives. But what happens if you get sick during this time? You still need to see a doctor, but you’re likely to not want to venture into a building where you could catch the virus or any other disease from nearby patients. Or perhaps going to the doctor is simply out of the way. That’s why more and more medical centers are offering care via telehealth medicine, where you can attend your appointments and be prescribed your medications virtually. Executive Pharmacy is a telepharmacy that offers all the benefits of online medicine so that our local Dade county residents (and beyond) can stay safe in these uncertain times. Learn more about the benefits of telemedicine in this blog post and our own COVID-19 treatment options.

Benefits of A Telepharmacy

Even outside a global pandemic, the growing field of online medicine has many benefits. We’ve laid out a few of them for you.

  • Less At-Risk for Catching Something in the Waiting Room. Even with all the sanitizing medical centers do, you are simply more at risk just by being in the same building.
  • Less Waiting Room Time. With a virtual visit, you’ll be able to see the doctor right away, so no need to estimate wait times. 
  • Save the Transportation Effort. Travel-time calculations won’t be necessary at all, except for walking to your computer. This makes things especially easier on those with conditions that make traveling difficult.
  • Access Out-of-the-Way Specialists. See any doctor you need, no matter how far, through a virtual appointment.
  • On-Demand Options. If you need immediate attention (that doesn’t require the emergency room), there are many on-demand telehealth options.
  • More Consistent Appointments Equals Better Health. Making it to online appointments is much easier than scheduling an in-person one, so you are able to attend your appointments more regularly, which will benefit your health.

Treat COVID-19 With Telehealth Medicine

Our telepharmacy allows our patients to get the medicine they need quickly and efficiently through virtual appointments and prescriptions. In an effort to fight the on-going coronavirus pandemic, we currently supply the recommended, CDC-approved treatment: 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine, and 250 mg of azithromycin. If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, please consult a doctor to purchase this treatment.

Executive Pharmacy also supplies patients with the doctor-recommended month’s supply of zinc picolinate pills, which help with the remission of symptoms as you heal. Ask about this treatment in your telehealth visit.

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Stay healthy and get the medication you need through telehealth medicine from Executive Pharmacy! We provide Dade county residents with quality care from an environment that is convenient, and in the midst of a global pandemic, keeps them safe. Get your everyday medications or treatment for COVID-19 from us as soon as you can. Call to set up an appointment now!