The world is constantly evolving, and there is nothing technology can’t touch. Often, this is a great thing,  as in the field of healthcare, specifically telemedicine or telepharmacy. But what do telemedicine companies do exactly? They fulfill all the functions of a regular pharmacy, just remotely. This can include video-conferenced patient counseling, drug therapy monitoring, filling prescriptions, and even remote dispensing through automated packaging and labeling so that patients can pick up their medications even when a pharmacist isn’t physically present. As you can imagine, remote pharmacies create a number of advantages for both the patient and the pharmacy itself. Executive Pharmacy is proud to deliver not just the exact care patients need, but also deliver it when and where they need it. Learn why Miami Dade and Broward County trusts us to take care of them!

Advantages of Telepharmacy

One of the obvious benefits is that remote pharmaceutical care helps reduce operating costs for the hospital or pharmacy, as much of the work can be done remotely, without having to hire additional help for 24/7 service. This also means that in the actual pharmacy or hospital itself, the doctors that are on staff have more time to prioritize patient needs, instead of having to use that time for filling prescriptions. Since they will have more time to devote personally to you, you’ll be taken care of even better!

A remote pharmacy can also make the entire prescription process much smoother, with direct access to your electronic health record (EHR), allowing them to make and approve changes quickly, getting you your medication quicker than ever before (even after hours).

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is a remote pharmacy’s extended reach. Because a licensed pharmacist does not need to be physically present with you to deliver your care, pharmacies can now get  more people the medicine they need. Often, many rural areas don’t have a traditional pharmacy nearby, so the residents of these areas often just do not have the access they need to get the prescriptions their doctors would like them to take. Telepharmacy also allows doctors to check up on their patients when needed, without the patient necessarily having to drive far out of the way to get this care. Instead, they can do their counseling over video chat.

Why Telemedicine Companies Are The Way To Go

Remote pharmacies offer many benefits. However, it is important to make sure that you are picking the right telemedicine company that can meet all your needs. One of the most crucial things you’ll want to check out is your prospective pharmacy’s qualifications. Of course, all pharmacies, remote or not, are required to have certain levels of licensing and certification, but you also want to make sure that they have plenty of experience, as well as enough staff members on hand to meet each client’s needs satisfactorily. A team that is spread too thin will not be able to help you as well as they should.

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Here at Executive Pharmacy, we deliver all of this and more. That’s why residents all across Broward County entrust us to deliver their prescriptions and the care that comes with it, whenever and wherever they need it. If you’re looking at telemedicine companies, look no further than Executive Pharmacy.